About Aerojet Foundation

The Aerojet Foundation is committed to providing sustainable livelihoods for thousands of young people on the African continent. While the focus of our initiatives and support is primarily Aviation/Aerospace related, the foundation’s  scope covers all STEM areas as well.



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We are extremely keen on bringing technical skills training and their related opportunities to the doorstep of the youth in Africa, helping them to build life-long careers in specialist industries. With an extra emphasis on girls in engineering, we endeavour to target 40% female inclusion in all our programs and initiatives.


Our main approach to achieving our objectives is fund-sourcing and partnerships with entities that can provide the required tuition/certified training, as well as non-tuition support such as healthcare, food and accommodation. Beneficiaries will receive scholarships for tuition as well as other financial assistance to enhance inclusion and allow full focus on their paths and programs of study.


The Aerojet Foundation has set out four (4) key strategic objectives: 

1. Provide youth on the continent with specialist technical skills training that will lead to lifelong careers. 

2. Provide African youth with mentorship, coaching and other critical skills such as financial management, business acumen, analytics, etc. which will not only equip them with employable skills but also teach them important life and leadership skills. 

3. Advance STEM education and innovation by using technology to solve problems. 

4. Promote gender parity by ensuring the inclusion of girls and women in engineering, with an added emphasis on the aviation and aerospace sector


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